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Full Size Weighted Blanket

The adult weighted blanket is a great option for those with heavyfootedness or with other conditions that require a more large scale of care. The blanket is also great for blanket mummy's and the like. The blanket is made with a full size blanket, which means that it is full of muscle and fat. The blanket is also heavy, making it ideal for long lasting use.

Adult Weighted Blanket 48 x 72" / 60 x 80" 20/25lb Queen/Ful
SLEEPHI Collection Luxury Feel Good Weighted Blanket | Full/

Best Full Size Weighted Blanket Features

This adult weighted blanket is a great choice for a new home. It is a stereo blanket which means your child can sleep with their head and shoulders with out having to reach out to the bed. The result is great sleep. The blanket is also full size and can fit in a bedroom or living room. This heavy weight blanket is perfect for long sleep. The blanket is also made of- feel secure in heavy blanket- made of 100% polyester. This polyester weight blanket is a safe choice for any home.
this 7-pound weighted blanket is made of 100% cotton and features bright blue glass beads. It is perfect for keeping warm and looking stylish.
this 7-10-ounces (10-60-pound) full-sized weighted blanket is perfect for long-term comfort and support for your baby or toddler. It is lightweight but hatches to a full size when it is completed. The sensory blanket features a full-sized rug, rug withaggregated logs, and two full-sized pillows. The blanket is made of soft, breathable fabric and has a full-sized hooked edge to keep it organized andcorrect: "full size weighted blanket"
this 7-10-ounces (10-60-pound) full-sized weighted blanket is a perfect choice for a warm and cozy home. It is lightweight but has a wide range of support and is perfect for a newborn or toddler.